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Women are Made to be Beautiful :)


Posted on January 17 2012

it's been a while since I've written a "just because" blog.  Not a blog about what's going on in my world, SJ-Land or a special event or Sale we are running.  So, I was trying to think what kind of an inspirational type blog post I should do, and the answer came very easily to me.  I own and manage a fashion company where an experience with us is as I like to say "The highlight of our customers day"!  What happy jobs we have to work in a little pink house full of fun & fabulous items to make women feel BEAUTIFUL!  When a customer walks through our door, she is normally already excited to be coming to shop with us.  It is then OUR job to make sure she finds something she likes or that makes her feel fabulous, all the while treating her like the true ROYALTY she is!  And even if she doesn't, the least we can do is ask about her day and have a friendly chit chat that will bring a smile to her face. Why do we as women dress up?  Why do we spend so much time and money to have our hair done, our makeup applied, our clothes in style and the perfect accessories for any occasion!?  Are we trying to fill a void or boast a false ego?  One might wonder is it really worth the investment we put into our image?  And here are my personal thoughts and the thoughts behind the mindset of Southern Jewlz: * Women are MADE to be Beautiful.  Provers 3:15 "She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you can desire can compare with her."  They love to FEEL beautiful.  And as women, we should help OTHERS to feel this way.    Proverts 11:16 "A kindhearted woman gains respect, but ruthless men gain only wealth." * Personally speaking, whenever I get all dressed up, I tend to be more productive.  This quite possibly could be because I feel better about myself.  And when my mood is boasted and I'm upbeat, I easily get more done at work. * I feel another reason it is important to present yourself the best way you can is because you NEVER know who you are going to meet.  A first impression is very important.  Be prepared to meet and impress a future boss, professional contact, mentor, or friend at any time! * Life is a gift.  That's why the current moment is called the present.  Why not take advantage of every moment you have?  Pick out a spunky outfit and see the difference in your personality!  Do your make=up a little bit edgier than you have before, and politely accept the compliments that come your way. You see, putting yourself together and as I like to say "getting gussied up", is about more than just your outward appearance and how the world sees you, but it it has a direct reflection on how you feel!  People that FEEL better about themselves are usually happier people who see life in a more optimistic way!  Could you imagine how fabulous the world would be if EVERYONE was more confident, more productive at work, had a higher-self esteem, and made others feel more beautiful than they already are!? * Now, just because I am promoting outer beauty does not mean that I am forgetting that TRUE beauty comes from within. Do not let outer beauty overshadow your inner beauty; but rather, let the your outer beauty have a positive impact and reflection on your inner beauty!  1 Samuel 16:7 "The Lord doesn't see things the way you see them, but the Lord looks at the heart." I found a song that I thought complimented this post very well.  Not only did I find the song, but I found a video on YouTube with all the lyrics in Pink && White ---- PERFECT!  Be sure to check it out: I would love to hear YOUR feedback on this subject.  Whenever you get a new outfit, a new hair style, a new make-up concept, or just get yourself put together in a fabulous way, do you see a difference in YOUR 1) happiness 2) productivity 3) self-esteem???  Let's put this blog to use for what is was made for!  Share your thoughts and comments with all of our readers below! Until the next time, set your alarm a little earlier or pick out an outfit the night before. Fix yourself up and see if you can tell a positive difference! And if you feel you need some new staple pieces or accessories -- well, there's this cute little Pink House in College Station, TX and this website called that just might be able to help ya out! :) Randa xoxo    

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