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About Southern Jewlz

About Us.  The Story from Beginning to Now.

During her college career, Randa (Yezak) Carrabba began hand making her own jewelry.  Soon catching the eye and interest of friends, she decided to start a business selling her hand made greations.  Upon graduation from Texas A&M University in 2009 when jobs were hard to find, Randa decided to set her padded college resume and degree aside to see what she could make of her hobby business.  With $500 in hand to begin building her inventory, she took a trip to file her first DBA with the mindset that if the company wasn’t profiable within a year, she would go mack to get her Master’s Degree.  However, her real dream was to make College Station, Texas known for 2 main staples - Texas A&M University and Southern Jewlz Boutique.  

Randa began traveling and setting up booths at local trade shows and rodeos during college.  She opened a kiosk in the Post Oak Mall the Fall after she graduated (and this included 7 days a week with over 80 hours of open time where she would have to beg the security officer to watch her shop to even use the restroom).  She soon realized she didn’t want a store in the mall, so she founded the online store (where you’re navigating today!) in February 2010 and operated out of her home.  It wasn’t until October 15, 2010 that the very first brick and mortar location opened.  The pink house, more commonly known as the little pink palace, was where the true magic began to take off.  The boutique was voted Best of the Brazos Valley 5 years in a row, was featured in the USA Today and even made the Aggie 100 class.  The Aggie 100 is the top Aggie owned companies in the NATION and Southern Jewlz, Inc. ranked #11 in 2014 with an annual compounded growth rate of 93% over a 5 year span. Her “If The Crown Fits” Annual Charity Fashion Show began in 2012 and has given over $15,000 back to The Boys and Girls Club and Phoebe’s Home (Women of Domestic Violence).

Two relocations, three renovations and 7 years later, Southern Jewlz has now closed its 3,400 store front to focus on growing the online side of the business.  The reason you ask?  Well, this was Randa’s goal all along, plus she decided to close to make her new husband, Grant Carrabba, her priority over her career.  She believes strongly that the priorities should be 1) God 2) Family and 3) Business because worldly success may go up and down, but the blessing of true love is one that some people search their entire lives to never achieve.  With a strong emphasis in customer service and social media marketing, the Southern Jewlz brand is nationally known, serving online customers from all 50 states and even international, too!

Now the reason that Randa never re-named her hobby jewelry business is because she decided to turn SJ into a lifestyle brand boutique, where name represents what it means to be a Southern Jewl.

We offer a wide variety of the most up-to-date and affordable fashion-forward apparel, accessories, jewelry, shoes, gifts and specialty items.  We travel nationwide to collaborate the most fabulous Southern Jewlz current collection at all time and keep a strong emphasis on purchasing from women-owned, women-ran, small creative companies when we can. As a small business, we are big supporters of shopping local as we believe it invigorates the local economy, creates new jobs, adds character to the community and gives more support to nonprofit organizations!

With top priorities of customer service, a quick and easy ordering process, super fast shipping times and a hassle-free exchange policy, we value the opportunity to get to serve you here at  If you want a more personal shopping experience, feel free to send us an email, give us a call or plan to come shop in person in the boutique.  Whether you are a first-time visitor or a long-term repeat customer, we truly appreciate your interest and business!

We hope that every time you wear anything from Southern Jewlz, that you feel beautifully inspired from the inside out and spread the definition of our lifestyle brand to others!  

What it means to be a Southern Jewl:

Southern - Growing up Southern is a privelege, really.  It’s more than where you were born.  It’s an idea, a state of mind that seems imparted at birth.  It’s more than loving fried chicken, high school football, and country music.  It’s being hospitable, being devoted to porches, sweet tea, and most importantly to each other.  We don’t become Southern, we are born that way.

Jewlz - A self motivated female that has no limit to her success level.  While she is dressed impeccably and gains attention, her confidence and dignity are the most noticeable attributes she possesses; making others feel their worth and beauty is her true destiny.  With love, class, and a touch of sass, she has the ambition and determination to set the world on fire.

"Be Selfless and dedicated, give a compliment when needed.  Learn something new every day.  Say your prayers and count your blessings.  Be a role model, a leader, and an icon of success and hard work.  Think outside the box, push every single boundary, and know that there is no limit to what you can do or who you can become.” - The mission statement written 2 weeks before the first ever brick and mortar location opened.  Even though the Southern Jewlz company started as a handmade jewelry company featuring one-of-a-kind unique pieces, with the evolution of the company, the name of the company stayed the same.  We truly feel the lifestyle brand promotes women to be a true Southern Jewl!