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Fall 2012 Photo Shoot - Our Very First LOOK BOOK!


Posted on October 01 2012

Hey SJ Fans & Followers!  I am super excited while writing and putting together this blog post because not only was our Fall 2012 Photo Shoot a big success, but we are proud to launch our very first Look Book!  It is so great to continue to move forward with the SJ Dream! First of all - I need to give credit where credit is due!  Our photo shoot was a huge group effort between some mighty talented folks!  Our photographers - Luke and Cat Neumayr of Luke and Cat Photography are always a super fun time.  Plus, they started their business AFTER I began mine, so it is so great to see them grow and also love what they do.  If you haven't already - be sure to check them out at as they specialize in wedding photography.  They are great at making their clients not only feel comfortable, but they are sure to have someone laughing in no time!  They are great at capturing the "little moments" that make any event so very special. Our make up artist was the one and only Sam Montgomery of Artistry by Sam.  You might have seen her work around as she is the Gypsy Soule makeup artist and was also a part of Texas Women on CMT.  Sam lives to do make up - especially at events like the SJ Photo shoot!  She was so in her element all day, and her and her assistant had all of the girls - models and #TeamSJ- looking fabulous!  Be sure to follow her on instagram at @artistrybysam or on her website that is getting a new facelift at The hair styles are brought to you by Catwalk Hair Studio, which is located right here in the Brazos Valley!  Tiffany - co-founder and co-owner has been doing my hair for quite some time now and she is always down to help at an SJ event.  She had her and part of her team members not only get the girls prepped hours before the shoot at her salon, but they also moved on sight with us to do final touches and change up the styles throughout the shoot.  If you're looking for a fun but super professional salon that keeps up with the latest trends and top-notch products, be sure to look them up at and ask for ANY of their stylists - they are all FABULOUS! Our venue on sight was hosted by the super adorable Dede - owner of Rhinestone Cactus Boutique in Downtown Navasota.  She recently opened her very own shop within the past year and it is so cute!  Dede has been a long time SJ customer and she was happy to host us for the models to get changed, hair touched up, makeup finished, etc.  If you're ever driving on Hwy 6 and pass the Navasota exit (between College Station and Hempstead), be sure to head on into downtown and look for the little white adorable house on the left!  Tell her we sent ya in - she will be tickled pink! We originally thought we would do the actual shooting all around downtown Navasota, but my good friend and realtor Katie Ruffino came along to help at the shoot and soon let us know of a 5,000 square foot old Victorian home that was listed with their real estate company that was only a few blocks from Rhinestone Cactus Boutique.  She took Luke and Cat over to check it out before the shoot and they FELL IN LOVE!  So, Katie was our taxi driver back and forth with the models.  The home and backyard worked out beautifully - as you will see in the pics!  Be sure to check out Katie and the Cherry Ruffino Real Estate Team at  They are the ones who helped me get the keys to the New SJ Boutique Location as well as our online warehouse! And our beautiful models - Libby Vincek, Maci Meyer, Katilin McDonald and Kristi Harkins!  These ladies are not only stunning on the outside, but they are super sweet and so beautiful on the inside.  Plus, they all have a good sense of humor that adds some comic relief and fun to the day - especially Miss Kristi!  (Just ask Luke how much he enjoys having these girls around) And last but not least, my FABULOUS team!  The girls helped with many tasks such as styling, dressing models, keeping product organized, coordinating schedules of everyone, etc.  They are GREAT!  Thanks Amberly, Ashleigh, Chanler, Lauren and Chandler! So enough about the shoot - let's get to the goods!  Check out some of the pics and looks in our very first LOOK BOOK!  Now, if there is something you see that is not online - we are either sold out or trying hard to restock it.  I promise all of these items will all be available, just maybe not at the same time.  That is the advantage and also disadvantage of being a specialty boutique.  But I promise we are TRYING our absolute BEST to keep everything in stock.  Just keep checking back in! Until next time - dare to be bold, fabulous and one-of-a-kind!  After all, nobody else is YOU'er than YOU!!! xoxo Randa <3 The Final Shot of the Day! Only missing a few - Dede, Katie, Sam, Lauren and Chandler.  

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