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Fitness Friday: My Diet Overview

Randa Yezak

Posted on November 18 2016

Fitness Friday: My Diet Overview

Hey y'all! I am so proud to announce that as of today I am 4 pounds below the goal weight I set for myself for my upcoming wedding! I am not trying to lose anymore, rather tone and see just what I can get my body to do!

I've had a lot of questions about my lifestyle change, so I figured it's time for another Fitness Friday post even if it is 10-15pm! (life of a biz owner)

i believe that diet is 80% of losing weight. These are some key points that I believe helped and continue to help me in my weight management journey:

-No eating out Monday through Friday. And if I go out to eat Friday evening, then I make a trade with Sunday evening. 

- During the week, all fresh and home cooked food, nothing processed. Lots of vegetables, fruit, nuts, eggs, yogurt and meat. Mrs. Dash low sodium seasonings for flavoring and olive or coconut oil for cooking. (I will share some recipes later!)

- I only drink water, sparkling water or coffee during the week. And only 1 cup of coffee per day. Cutting out sweet tea, sodas and all alcohol during the week saves soooo many calories. (I'll share my favorite calorie free sweeteners and sparkling water flavors later in another post)

- I try to eat some sort of breakfast every day to get my metabolism going and to curb my cravings which helps me to eat a smaller lunch. Smoothies with lots of green veggies, fruit and protein powder is my go-to if I have the time. I use the ninja bullet individual blender and plan to share my fave smoothie mixtures in a later post.

- Now the other 20% is exercise! I personally try to do cardio 4-5 times a week and weight training 2-3 times. Some workouts include cardio as warmup and then weights, while other times a long neighborhood walk with my fiancé and bulldog (even though he can't last very long) count. I again will go further into my workout routines in another post.

I'm starting broad with my writing and will narrow down along the way. I'm excited to have you along for my journey. I can honestly say I've never FELT better and I know I look better too! It's a great feeling and definitely worth the lifestyle change and maintenance up keep! Plus I'm working super hard at Holiday time here at SJ (just wait til you see it all), so being in better shape allows me to sleep better and perform better at work! Win all the way around! 

Until next time, here's our super cute Bulldog Bucky before a morning BDW (Bull Dog Walk). He wasn't quite awake yet, so please excuse his yawn lol. Dog walking is a great way to get my day going and the little guy loves it so much! I'm of course wearing my fave workout gear - Lululemon. Remember their  showroom is located right behind my boutique! 

I'm excited to say I will be teaming up with Piranha Fitness to bring y'all a super fun challenge in the new upcoming year! Stay tuned! And until then, fall in love with taking care of your body and yourself. 💪🏼💋💗

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