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Here's to Strong Women: May we Know Them, May be Be Them, May we Raise Them!

Randa Yezak

Posted on March 08 2017

Here's to Strong Women: May we Know Them, May be Be Them, May we Raise Them!

Hey y'all!  Sorry it has been a little while since I've blogged.  I have been a little pre-occupied with the move of the company, getting married to the love of my life, my honeymoon trip and now developing my own personal lifestyle blog website!

So it's International Women's Day and this business is founded by women, ran by women, modeled and supported by woman, so today deserves a blog post!  If you've kept up with the SJ journey you will know that the "Jewl" part of what it means to be a Southern Jewl totally supports women to be strong, confident, and complimentary to others.  Because together, we can lift each other up and do great things.  

Jewl -  A self motivated female that has no limit to her success level.  While she is dressed impeccably and gains attention, her confidence and dignity are the most noticeable attributes she possesses; making others feel their worth and beauty is her true destiny.  With love, class, and a touch of sass, she has the ambition and determination to set the world on fire.

Photo by James Barrett Photography

Cheers to all the hard-working, goal oriented and selfless women that continue to make this world a better place!  All women are important - mothers, those that lead careers and those that lead companies.  I want to name a few other women business owners who have served as business mentors and inspirations to me below!

Wendy Brown - Card Diva
Cherry Ruffino - Cherry Ruffino Realtors
Lorinda Van Newkirk - Soul Sister Lo
Rayne Zingelmann - CRSystems, Inc. (The Roofer Girl)
Emily Heath - Ring Wraps
Tina Gandy - Twinz Co Marketing
Lina Lawson - Twinz Co. Marketing
Nancy Gilmore - The Mule Barn Boutique
Cat Neumayr - Luke and Cat Photography
Erica Luttmann - Hey Lovely Makeup
Tiffany Henley - Catwalk Hair Studio
Nikki Peterson - Nikki Peterson Talent
Maurey Bell - Bell Properties
Courtney Ringelstein - Trailer Park Trinkets
Alexis Bloomer - Alexis Bloomer Live
Natalie Dawley - Two Be Wed
Hayley Paige - Hayley Paige Bridal Design
Versy Picone - Vixen Beauty Salon
Ashley Anderson - The Boutique Hub
Rosalba Zunigo - Amazing Cakes
Lindsay Greening - Piranha Fitness Studio

Amber Salvato - Fancy Flushes

And even though I've never met her: Jenna Kutcher - Photographer and Educator
Last one, and I don't know her, but she has helped inspire my lifestyle blog launch: Cara Loren -
Cara Loren Shop

 Women in business are quite possibly some of the strongest I have ever met.  These women have developed an idea into a career.  Endless hours, lots of heart, passion and rejuvenation in our ever changing world.  May we continue to support and uplift each other, as we have a special bond and understanding that is strong in itself.  If there's a Girl Boss that inspires you, whether she is a business owner or not, I encourage you to take a quick moment to let her know how much you look up to her.  Because most women in business don't work for the money, so encourage and help keep their spark lit by reaching out today.  After all, it is a day for us women to celebrate our victories and continuous journeys, no matter how big or small and wherever our paths may be leading, winding or detouring.  Happy International Women's Day and thank you all for the continuous support of the Southern Jewlz Company!

For a quick Southern Jewlz update - we will be receiving lots of new items over the next week, so be on the lookout!  We will also be a part of the Fashion Event in College Station March 30, 31 and April 1 where we will have styles featured in the runway show as well as a pop up shop.  And remember, with the first of April also comes a website facelift, too!  I've been interviewing intern prospects for this summer and will soon be launching a model call as well.  So lots of fun things happening!

I've always been a girl's girl.  There's something absolutely beautiful about a woman who can admire and cheer on another woman's beauty, work ethic, success and value without questioning her own. 



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