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Meet our Fall #SouthernJewlz Brand Models

Randa Yezak

Posted on October 07 2016

Meet our Fall #SouthernJewlz Brand Models

Hey y'all!  I'm sure you've been noticing some fresh new model faces here at Southern Jewlz.  We had an overwhelming amount of applicants, and although I've never chosen more than 3 models for one season, this time I went with 5.  They each had such strong and different traits, all beneficial for the brand of Southern Jewlz.

As you know, SJ is a lifestyle brand based upon what it means to be 1) Southern and 2) a Jewl.  Southern being hospitable, well mannered, welcoming and helpful.  A Jewl means to be beautiful from the inside out, complimentary to others, extremely driven, success seeking, independent, and ready to set the world on fire!

Siobhan Hilliard (pronounced Sha-von) is a junior a Texas A&M University where she is majoring in Agriculture Communications. She is pursuing a career as a sports reporter or journalist. She also competes on the Aggie Rodeo Team. She is from the small town Canton where she grew up on her family’s ranch. They have cattle, horses, and an emu! But don’t let her farm background fool you! She’s a fashion and makeup addict. She does special occasion makeup and has a major shopping addiction. Her favorite food is bacon, she is a book fanatic, and loves Texas country music.

Natalya Oberoi is a junior at Texas A&M University majoring in economics, minoring in business, and plans on going into pharmaceutical sales after college. She is a very outgoing, social girl who loves to meet new people. Usually known as the "funny" in her friend group! People always wonder her ethnicity is because I have a unique look.. So to answer that, she is Hispanic and half Indian!  Natalya started shopping at Southern Jewlz about a year ago and fell in love with the store.  She is so exciting to be representing the brand and is even more excited to see what's in store for this season! 

Chelsea Crawford would give a big "Howdy" in front of any group.  She is easily one of the proudest Texas A&M students I have ever met.  She's a senior University Studies of Architecture major from Tyler, Texas! She transferred to A&M her junior year from Kilgore College where she was on a dance team there for two years called the Rangerettes. Her interests include spending time outdoors, being active, photography, traveling, shopping and meeting new people! 

Meet Courtney Cantu.  She is a Sophomore at Texas A&M University studying Community Health and plans to attend nursing school. At Texas A&M I am a member of ACCO, FAN, and Dance Arts Society. In my free time I love to teach dance, run, and bake. 

Gabriela Cardenas is a sophomore working hard and in the process of pursing her dream career as a nurse. She moved all the way from Sarasota, Florida to attend Texas A&M University and along the way was blessed to be a fall Brand Model for Southern Jewlz Boutique. She is a social butterfly and loves meeting new people, as well as a personal nanny to the 2 cutest twin boys!  She says, "I thank my family and God for making me who I am today and couldn't think of a better way to start off the semester than to be with Southern Jewlz! Gig em and BTHO Fall 2016!"

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  • Bryce Cullen: November 04, 2016

    Congrats to all of these jewels…I welcome you all to workout at 9 Round College Station.

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