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Our Fairytale Engagement Photos

Randa Yezak

Posted on December 21 2016

Our Fairytale Engagement Photos

Hey y'all!  Ok, sharing the biggest piece of my heart tonight on the blog!  The love of my life! <3  Grant and I are about 6 weeks away from our big day.  I am wrapping up the planning process in hopes to get to enjoy the few weeks right before.  I want to be able to take in all the emotions that will be hitting.  I am beyond excited for this new chapter of life I'm about to enter.  Forever with Grant! :)

Here are my favorites of the fabulous engagement photos that our wedding photographers took for us.  Be sure to check out Luke and Cat and their blog post of us as well!  They have 2 precious bulldogs - Wilma and Hudson, so they were gracious enough to let us bring our sweet fur baby Bucky.  Although I didn't know Bucky until he was almost 8 years old, I swear I love him almost as much as Grant does.  There's no denying that I am his true mom - even he would tell you the same thing!

We went down to Boling where Luke and Cat live on the V8 Ranch that has been in Cat's family for many generations.  The South Texas Sunset was so beautiful!  Luke and Cat made us smile and laugh and gave me so many compliments about my blush cape dress!

I promise I will blog so much more about wedding planning after the event is done.  For now, I like soaking in every moment and keeping this personal, special time to myself, Grant and our closest friends and family.  

Anyways, let me get to sharing these beauties with you!  Oh and it's our End of Year Sale Time.  That means the entire website and boutique is 40% off with no exclusions.  Sales are Final.   We won't be restocking until the new year, so you better get to shopping before that special little something is gone!  Coupon Code: SeeYa2016

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  • Luke: December 26, 2016

    Y’all are one-of-a-kind! I’m so glad we get to call you friends! :)

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