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Shop Local from our Shop Girl!

Randa Yezak

Posted on December 15 2016

Shop Local from our Shop Girl!

Time for another guest blogger.  Today we have Miss Cheyenne Moore, who you may know or recognize from working the sales floor of the boutique.  She is super selfless and helpful to every customer.  No matter what you may be looking for or what even you may be attending - she is ready to get you all dressed up!  Here's her write up:

Hey guys most of y'all know me from working the store front at Southern Jewlz boutique. I am so excited to write this blog because it is over something true and dear to my heart: SHOPPING LOCAL. 

I have always tried to shop local because it gives me a sense of pride knowing I have helped someone’s dream come true as a small business owner. I feel like at smaller stores the employees help you so much more and actually care about you, unlike a “big box” store where most of the time you cannot find someone working to help. I am from the Houston area where there is a mix of big retailers and boutiques; one of my favorite places to go is Rice Village. It’s an outdoor mall but most of the stores are boutiques, which is a score for me! My favorite place is Dao, I not only love this boutique but I love the owner who is the former Season 2 Project Runway winner, Chloe Dao. She helps everyone that walks in her door and if she doesn’t have the right size for you she will make the item! Yes, I said that right!  She will literally sew and tailor the item to your liking.  And here is the link to her website: Dao.

After my first visit with Chloe I told myself if I ever work at a boutique I wanted to be just like her, to make every customer happy and feel cared about. I have taken the time to get to know our customers at Southern Jewlz. I know if you have a personal relationship with a person that they will continue to come back for the incredible attention and customer service. I have strived to know the names of my customers and the events and stories they decide to share with me during their visits. This brings a personal touch to their shopping experience that you just don’t get in the “big box” stores. 

When I first came to College Station to apply for school I discovered Southern Jewlz! I remember going in for the first time and thinking how nice and helpful the girls were. When I made the move to College Station I knew I would continue shopping at Southern Jewlz, which eventually turned into my go-to boutique. The summer of 2015 Southern Jewlz was hiring and I knew right away that I wanted to apply. My interview was the first time to be introduced to Randa.  We talked almost two hours during this interview and I found out how sweet she is and how much Southern Jewlz means to her. I was so excited when I got the job because it was something that I loved to do and that I would be able to help customers feel happy. Southern Jewlz has helped me so much throughout college and honestly has been the best job that I have ever had. I firmly believe in this saying, “Love what you do and you will never work another day in your life”.

Cheyenne is wearing the Jingle Jangle Playsuit.  You can order here.

Until next time, remember to Shop Local and Support Small Businesses!

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