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The Mantra Behind the Southern Jewlz Brand

Randa Yezak

Posted on August 21 2017

The Mantra Behind the Southern Jewlz Brand

Happy Monday Pretties!  It's Randa here (owner and founder of SJ!) and I was getting a cute little instagram post together with a Monday Mantra vibe in mind and it let me to writing a long overdue blog post!  So here's a quick peek into my mindset for today!

This quote is part of what I wrote down late one night just a few weeks shy of opening my very first retail store front.  Over the years, there have been many changes here at Southern Jewlz.  From growing and expanding, to the fashion sense and style, and to now becoming an online only brand that has scaled back - one thing remains the same and that is the WHY behind what I do!  This company is so much more than cute and affordable clothes.   Now don't get me wrong, being all dressed to impress in my SJ helps me feel even more motivated to empower others and become my best self possible.  But sometimes we can all get really hard on ourselves.  So for today, I'm taking a step back and reminiscing on how far I've personally come  - and I think you should too!  I am proud of the fact that with there being tons of shopping options out there, the one operated here is built upon empowering YOU to make you feel your best and push for your best.  Because a whole lot of continuous steps foward with the effort of your best behind each step you make will lead you to becoming exactly who you want to be!

I know I'm only 30 years old (and I used to think turning 30 was so old!), but I really love being able to create a life that has meaning, value, persistence and will make me proud at the end of my days.  While the trends may change and the fashions may fade, may the meaning behind this brand live on forever!

So don't be so hard on yourself!  You can't accomplish it all overnight.  Life is a journey meant to have successes as well as failures to learn from.  Embrace every aspect and remember to take a step back sometimes to just admire how far you have come!

"Be Selfless and dedicated, give a compliment when needed.  Learn something new every day.  Say your prayers and count your blessings.  Be a role model, a leader, and an icon of success and hard work.  Think outside the box, push every single boundary, and know that there is no limit to what you can do or who you can become.”

Now get ready to see lots of super cute new arrivalz headed your way as well as more summer styles being added to the sale category that happens to be an additional 60% off with code "SaleSaleSale".  Instagram is the BEST way to keep up with us, so be sure you're following along!  And I post a lot on my personal account, too, so I would love for you to also add me on instagram.



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