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What I've Learned...

Randa Yezak

Posted on October 16 2016

What I've Learned...

Hey y'all! So it's 10pm on the Sunday night after our big 6th birthday party celebration. I have been completely humbled and thankful all weekend for the love and support for the journey of the Southern Jewlz brand. Thank you all!

I wanted to wrap up the weekend with some key things I have learned along the way.

1. Things change. We individually and professionally grow. What started as a side hobby business during college has become my day to day lifestyle and livelihood. My brand has become cleaner and more luxurious. In order to grow, you must accept change and be willing to grow and more importantly, you must be able to push through the growing pains. The world is ever evolving and what worked years ago doesn't necessarily work today. And what works today may not work tomorrow.

2. Stay grounded. Even though you've seen an evolution in the SJ brand, I'm sure you've seen a lot of the basics stay the same. The meaning of a Southern Jewl and the confidence and contagious spirit has only grown stronger and deeper. Because no matter how far I go: where I came from, how I started, as well as the morals and values that I stand on will not change.

3. People management is hard.  Throughout my journey I have had so many employees, models, brand representatives and even passionate friends help with the business. Most of them are still in my life, which I love! Some are not. 95% of them ended on good terms, the others did not.  You learn more about somebody at the end of a relationship rather than the beginning. Being a full time people manager since the age of 22 has only made me stronger and firmer. I'm so gracious for all of those that I have met through my business as well as the lessons that each of them (good or bad) have taught me.

4. Owning a business is intense and far more than full time. Most people say the first year of business is the hardest. I disagree. Most people say if you've made it to 3-5 years then you've truly made it. I again disagree. I do believe the beginning years are hard because you're learning and trying to figure out where you're going, how fast to go, and maybe sometimes even how to get there, but I think the older you get in business you have to work even harder to stay new and fresh. You have to continue to find ways to stay motivated and energetic, where in the beginning it just comes natural. New businesses pop up left and right, but it's those that have continued to thrive and grow over many years that gain an all new respect from me.

5. The customer is not always right. Now this doesn't mean that customer service isn't of the top most priority to me. But some people are simply not pleasable and like to complain. Instead of causing heartache to me and my team, I would rather them go "shop" somewhere else. If this type of customer threatens a bad review or to tell their friends not to shop with me, I still politely encourage them. Because you can't please everybody. And peace of mind comes at a high price. It's like that saying "You can be the sweetest juiciest peach in the world and some people just don't like peaches"

6. And last one for now - You've got to be your biggest cheerleader! Even though you need plenty others along the entrepreneurial journey, you ultimately have to be the biggest confidence booster and supporter for yourself. Why? Because it's HARD. Owning and building a business and a brand can be draining. But nobody is going to love it, envision it, make it come to life, or be as passionate about it as you. And when you don't think you can push any further, pray for the right way and the extra strength. For God is the ultimate life and business cheerleader of all time. I always strive to be bold, powerful, attention demanding, respect deserving and beautifully confident from the inside out. (And so should you 💋)

So thank you all for helping make this past weekend at Southern Jewlz Boutique a big success! I can't wait to show you all what I've got in store for the near future! 

Until next time, remembers that unicorns ARE real because I brought them to life with my SJ Magic! 🦄

Xoxo, Randa 👑

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  • Randa: November 16, 2016

    Thank you so much Mrs. Redus! It definitely is not all glamour like it can seem from the outside, but I’m so thankful to have learned all that I have thus far. Thank you for being a wonderful role model always as well as a huge supporter! xoxo

  • Susie: October 18, 2016

    Randa, I am so proud of you!! You are wise beyond your years. What an amazing amount of info you have learned in only 6 years!! You absolutely inspire me with your great attitude, high energy, creativity, and business savvy. Notice I said inspire me, not surprise me; I saw this coming when I was your 6th grade teacher!! Congratulations on 6 years of Soithern Jewelz and best wishes for many, many more!!

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