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Team SJ Company Christmas


Posted on December 16 2011

It's our busiest time of year, but we are loving every single minute of it! Lots of shoppers in the boutique, all of us feel like little elves helping package all the online orders, Christmas music playing in the boutique - We LOVE the Holidays! We recently had our very own Company Christmas this Wednesday night! We met at the Boutique (AKA the PiNk PaLaCe) at closing time. This is where the fun began!!! I allowed each of the girls a shopping spree in the boutique &&& they loved every minute of it. They all work so hard making sure all of you have fabulous shopping experiences with us and styling all of YOU, that I wanted them to use their very own talent on themselves! I didn't get pictures of this (what was I thinking!?), but each of the girls got some fabulous things and they are going to be looking oh-so-cute for the Holiday time with their families. After all of the shopping spree fun, we headed to La Riviera in Bryan for dinner. The atmosphere was perfect, the food was oh-so yummy, the wine was to-die for (of course only 3 of us got to drink) &&& we all had a gift exchange! Actually, here is a picture of some of our presents. I kept saying "Gosh girls, we are OBSESSED with each other!" Of course we were "those" girls that come barging into a fancy place with 9 kinds of present for each other! My darling SJ girls excited for Christmas! Love them xoxo   This was my food!  A yummy filet & vegetables.  Supporting the beef industry &&& a healthy lifestyle. One of Chanler's present was this super cute pink & zebra Aggie T-shirt!  She has decided she wants to become an Aggie...whoop!  That means we will hopefully get to keep her on our team for many more years. Amberly is a wine-fanatic and this pillow just SCREAMS her name! Kenzie has been decorating her new grown-up big kid house that she lives in all by herself, so this was a perfect gift for her!  Plus, we catch her looking in the mirror and fixing her hair in the warehouse every now and then ;) Miss Ashleigh just loved the feathers on the presents! I got some new pink cheetah pajama pants that say I <3 Presents......why yes, I do! This was my gift-wrapping!  I was so proud...aren't they pretty pretty!? And here we are!  How proud I am to call us TEAM SJ! All in all, we are so blessed to have each other. For having 5 girls between the ages of 17 and 24, we literally are so compatible and that is what helps make this company as fabulous as it is! I love each of these girls dearly and am so happy they jumped on the SJ bandwagon with me when they did.  We are having the time of our lives chasing this crazy dream and fast-paced lifestyle that we refer to as Southern Jewlz. Thanks for all the support in 2011!  We are so appreciative of every one of our customers and can't wait to see what 2012 holds for us.  Merry Christmas to you and yours! Randa :)  

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