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What It Means to Be a JEWL!

The Southern Jewlz Company started as a handmade jewelry company featuring one-of-a-kind unique necklaces.  While the company evolved, the name never did.  The reason why is because Southern Jewlz boutique is a complete lifestyle brand store that promotes what is means to be a Southern Jewl!

Our founder wrote down this quote 2 weeks before the very first brick and mortar location opened in October of 2010.  It describes perfectly the company’s mission.

“Be selfless and dedicated, give a compliment when needed.  Learn something new every day.  Say your prayers and count your blessings.  Be a role model, a leader, and an icon of success and hard work.  Think outside the box, push every single boundary, and know that there is no limit to what you can do or who you can become.”

Southern - Growing up Southern is a privelege, really.  It’s more than where you were born.  It’s an idea, a state of mind that seems imparted at birth.  It’s more than loving fried chicken, high school football, and country music.  It’s being hospitable, being devoted to porches, sweet tea, and most importantly to each other.  We don’t become Southern, we are born that way.

Jewl - A self motivated female that has no limit to her success level.  While she is dressed impeccably and gains attention, her confidence and dignity are the most noticeable attributes she possesses; making others feel their worth and beauty is her true destiny.  With love, class, and a touch of sass, she has the ambition and determination to set the world on fire.