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Randa Yezak

Posted on March 01 2016


Hey y'all!  It's Give Away time here at SJ!  This time, I've teamed up with a college friend from my Texas A&M years!  You've probably heard of Ruthie Grace Boutique in Montgomery, TX, but you may not know that Tara Austin is a dear friend and friendly business competitor of mine.  Fun fact - Tara opened her boutique only a few months after I opened mine.  Just like how SJ originated in a little pink house, Ruthie Grace (named after both of Tara's grandmothers) originated in a little house as well.  Tara is the founder of the Believer, Lover, Mother design.  You HAVE to watch the welcome video on her website.  She is a true JEWL as well as a beautiful wife, loving mother and a successful business owner.  Two self-owned boutiques that started so small, now both Aggie Owned businesses that have moved, renovated, expanded and grown have over 10 years store front experience! 

I have always been and will always continue to be a supporter of other hard working women chasing their dreams.  I strongly believe that when the tide is high - we all rise.  As women, we should empower rather than compete!

We have come up with a fabulous pin it to win it contest where one lucky winner will get 4 FREE Pocket Tees by Z Supply! (Color and sizes to be determined by the winner)  This is a $100+ value!

To enter, follow the steps below.

1. Create a Pinterest Board specifically for this contest.  Name the Board Southern Jewlz + Ruthie Grace.

2. Be sure to pin this picture directly below to the board you created and make the caption of this pin #RGSJgiveaway.

3. Pin multiple pictures from both the Southern Jewlz Website as well as the Ruthie Grace Website.  

4. Pin other fashion inspiration or quotes that mirror the values of the Southern Jewlz and Ruthie Grace brands.  We encourage you to pin your little heart out and make your board as spectacular as possible.

5. Be sure you're following @southernjewlzboutique, @southernjewlz and @ruthiegraceboutique on instagram.

6. Be sure you're entered and have your board all set by Monday March 7 at 6pm.  You may also email the link to your Pinterest board to to make sure we don't miss it. Winner will be announced Tuesday March 8 at 11am.




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